How to Clean a TV Screen Without Streaks – Quick and Easy

Let’s face it, nothing beats watching movies or series on a freshly cleaned TV screen without streaks and munching on chips, while at it. Then again, that’s how smudges and grime easily find their way back. 

Much as you love the complete experience, you would rather enjoy one or the other. The hassle of keeping your screen spotless is just not worth it. 

Well, in that case, the tips below for a quick and easy screen clean-off without streaks could be your ticket to better me-time ahead.

How To Clean a TV Screen Without Streaks?

Distilled water, microfiber cloths, and the right strokes are must-haves for quick and easy streak-free results.  

Distilled water will not leave behind any streak-causing residues. For an efficient polish, dirt-magnet microfiber cloth would not disappoint. Coupled with buffing in a constant swirly motion throughout the screen, you could be looking at a picture-perfect pristine finish.

What Do the TV Manufacturers Recommend?  

Even TV manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, and others agree that cleaning with a lint-free cloth or flannel is best. When it comes to sticky spots, they say a spritz of distilled water or screen cleaner on the cloth should be enough.

Fun fact: Most cleaning kits that promise the same spotless shine for a price are 99% distilled water. 😊

How To Clean Streaks Off a TV Screen 

To get rid of those streaks on your screen, you need a little bit of pure moisture, a lot of absorbent power, and that constant rub that works like magic.

Distilled Water

Distilling water removes 99.9% of all minerals and impurities. This means no visible dried-out marks on your TV screen.

Cleaning surfaces with distilled water also gives that extra anti-static protection for lesser dust build-up and more me-time. 😉

Microfiber Cloth

You would bust more dust in one go with a microfiber cloth.  It has electrostatic characteristics that cause it to pull and trap dirt particles effectively. It’s also densely packed which allows for heavy dirt and film lifting.

Of course, scratches are a no-no for something as fragile as your TV screen. Microfiber cloths are blended polyester and nylon fibers that feel finer than silk and give a gentle swipe on delicate surfaces.

A couple of microfiber cloth is usually enough for a 55-inch TV screen. Then again, it depends on the dirt situation. 😉

The Winning Stroke

As for the winning stroke, keep in mind the “wax-on, wax-off” move of Ralph Maggio in “Karate Kid 1.”  It’ll come in handy.😉

Wiping in continuous circular motion until you have tackled the last smear is an old buffing technique for a streakless polish. 

Apply these six pre-cleaning reminders for better results:

1. Turn off the TV.

A dark screen and natural light would give you a clear picture of how much dirt you are dealing with. 

2. Unplug it.

TV-screen-cleaning-related accidents are uncommon but better safe than sorry.

3. Wait until the screen cools down since you would be using a damp cloth on it.  

Moisture on warm surfaces dries out quickly, leaving you with more streaks to tackle.

Just as the sun and evaporation would leave ugly watermarks on windows you’ve just wiped clean; your TV screen is no exception. 

4. Do your screen cleaning after you have tidied up the area where your TV is.  

This ensures maximum productivity and minimum wasted effort. 

5. A dripping cloth is bad news for your TV screen. Less is more. 

You get the picture. 😉

6. Consult your manual for specific cleaning instructions.

Step-by-step guide on how to clean streaks of a TV screen:

What you will need:

Folded dry microfiber cloths

A bottle spray of distilled water

Step 1

Dust off lightly in a circular motion towards one direction – downwards or sideways – using a dry cloth.

Step 2

Turn the cloth on its clean side often to hinder dust and solid particles from sticking back and prevent scratches.  

This step should take care of non-greasy smears and prints.

Step 3

You would need a few sprays of distilled water on a clean cloth to deal with oily stains and the like.


Step 4

Rub gently in a constant circular motion until the area is dry.

Step 5

Do the same “buffing technique” throughout with a dry cloth.

Repeat Steps 3 through 5 for any left-off spots.

Distilled water should resolve most streak issues at this point.

You might need to up your game for tough smudges and whatnot.

White vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, or dish soap would help dissolve hard clingier particles. The downside is they could tarnish the display. So, they should be your last resort.    

How To Make Homemade Screen Cleaner? 

White Vinegar Solution

Mix ¼ cup of white vinegar with ½ cup of distilled water

Note: The sour smell disappears on application. 

Isopropyl Alcohol Solution

Add ¼ cup of Isopropyl alcohol to one cup of distilled water

Dish soap Solution

Dilute a small squirt of dish soap in two cups of distilled water.


There you have it, our research-backed two cents’ worth (literally)😉 on cleaning a TV screen without leaving streaks. 

At times, brilliant solutions to everyday problems are mere results of perfect chemistry between common kitchen items.

Much like how a me-time spent snacking in the nook while watching the next episode of your favorite series on your streak-free TV fit to a T. 😉

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions? 

•     Is cleaning a LED TV with pure water a good idea?

No, water minerals would leave streaks and could potentially scratch the screen.  

•     What should you never use to clean a flat TV screen?

Never use the following harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the protective coating of your TV screen:

×      Ethyl alcohol

×      Isopropyl alcohol solution with more than 5 parts alcohol

×      Acetone

×      Ammonia

×      Benzene

×      Ethyl acid

×      Methyl Chloride

×      Toluene

×      Undiluted soap

×      Wax

×      Scouring powder

A huge no, too, to the following abrasive cleaning tools:

×      Paper towels

×      Domestic wipes

×      Ordinary fabric

•     Can you use a baby wipe to clean a flat-screen TV?

No, natural baby wipes have ingredients that would leave residues and streaks.

•     Is it a good idea to clean my flat-screen TV with Window Cleaning Products like Windex?

No, it contains ammonia and benzene.

•     Is Colin glass cleaner okay for cleaning any 3D TV screen?

No, it is ammonia-based.

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