13 Ideal Wind Blockers For Balcony Use

On some days, all you want to do is sip wine, read a book, or listen to a podcast while crossing your legs on a reclining chair on your balcony, but those moments are often interrupted by a windy atmosphere. 

Winds generally aren’t harmful, but a balcony that’s too windy constantly blows things all over the place, interrupting your alone time and stopping you from enjoying your space. If this is one of the reasons why you no longer fancy balcony moments and you’re just holed up somewhere in your house, I’m sure you’d be excited to read this article. 

What’s the catch? We’ve compiled a detailed list of wind blockers you can install on your balcony, including tips on installing them. Continue with us as we share these wind blockers ideas with you. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing Wind Blockers For Your Balcony 

Before you opt for any wind blocker options, you need to consider the following. 

  1. Do you want to limit visibility from your balcony? Some wind blockers can limit visibility and block winds effectively. 
  1. Are you trying to stop leaves and debris from littering your balcony? You’ll need to go for taller wind blockers.
  1. Is your balcony covered? A covered balcony will make it easier to install wind blockers.
  1. What’s the surrounding area around your balcony? A ground-level balcony has more options.
  1. Do you want a wind blocker that blocks wind and still grants privacy? We have some on our list.
  1. Are you a homeowner, or your current space is rented? Homeowners can install more permanent wind blockers than renters.
  1. How windy does it get on your balcony? Some wind blockers might not be suitable on really windy balconies; hence you’d have to go for strong wind blockers.

13 Wind Blockers For Your Balcony

Below are various ways you can effectively block winds from ruining your balcony. 

  1. Freestanding Room Divider

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A freestanding room divider is a screen that could serve as a portable wind block solution on a balcony. They are often lightweight and might not be suitable for strong windy situations.

However, you can look for taller freestanding room dividers with long feet if you want to block strong winds. Freestanding room dividers are affordable and easy to install for a temporary wind blockage. 

  1. Potted plants

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Potted plants are usually planted or grown in a pot. Bushy plants or trees, such as bamboo plants, and Cyprus trees, are ideal balcony wind blockers. You can also go for beautiful flowering shrubs if you’re looking to block minimal wind and still appreciate nature. Remember to choose the largest pots possible, ideally ones made from wood, plastic, or metal.  

  1. Railing panel

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A railing panel is a structure made of metal rails connected by vertical panels, used as a barrier or for support on a balcony or next to a staircase. Railing panels are good wind blockers and suitable for blocking strong winds. 

  1. Windscreen

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While a windscreen is designed to block wind, as the name suggests, it also effectively provides privacy on a balcony and acts as a shield from rain or sun. 

  1. Trellis or lattice

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Trellises and lattices are good options if you’re looking for something that not just blocks winds but stops leaves and debris from littering your balcony. You can have them as high as you want and introduce climbing plants that help improve your balcony’s aesthetic appearance.

  1. Glass panels

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Glass panels are the most expensive and effective wind blockers you can opt for on a balcony. They are ideal for large balconies as they are neat and sophisticated, have cleaner styling, and can be tinted for privacy. In addition, glass screens require professional installation skills and can be customized to suit one’s needs. 

  1. Bamboo/Reed fences

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Not only do reed fences block winds, but they are useful for creating privacy on a balcony. They are simple, easy to install and require low maintenance. However, reed fences are concealing, and will completely block your view, depending on how high they are. 

  1. Roller shade

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A roller shade is a single solid covering made from softer textiles. They are lightweight and not ideal for strong wind conditions. On the bright side, they can be rolled up and tucked away when not in use.

  1. Retractable side screen

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A retractable side screen is a roller shade that runs horizontally rather than vertically, although modern side screens now open sideways. They add a feeling of relaxation and comfort to your balcony. However, they are lightweight, and strong wind conditions could damage them. 

  1. Artificial hedges

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Artificial hedges provide effective wind protection but are somewhat expensive. If you can’t find an artificial hedge with a hollow base, ensure you go for artificial hedges with a sturdy base so they don’t blow over. 

  1. Shutters

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Shutters are good balcony wind blockers but are better installed on covered balconies since they require ceilings or awnings to be attached to. They are not made for strong winds and can be easily installed without the help of a professional. 

  1. Deck screen

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Deck screens are large pieces of strong net material that you can attach to your balcony to block winds or serve as a barrier. The price of deck screens ranges from $20 to $50+, depending on the size and desirable extra features, including color, level of UV resistance, thickness, privacy, and type of material.


Installing wind blockers on your balcony is a great choice instead of mounting permanent fences that ruins the idea and benefits of a balcony. If you’re experiencing heavy winds on your balcony, go for stronger wind blockers like glass panels, reed fences, and railing panels. 

Also, wind blockers are available in several sizes and colors and are easy to maintain, so feel free to go with colors that accentuate your balcony and personality. 

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